iPhone X and iPhone XR, which one will you choose?

You hesitate between buying an iPhone X or an iPhone XR? On our side, we give you very quickly our opinion on the choice to make between the two smartphones of the Cupertino company.

On the one hand, the iPhone X marketed last year and a real revolution for Apple. On the other, the iPhone XR which should have financial success in China and available since last October. It would seem more logical on the paper to opt for the first with, as a reflection, the fact that his seniority has drastically dropped its price … and yet! The smartphone is always displayed at a high price, sometimes looking at the 4 digits. The iPhone XR starts at € 855.28. Budget level, the recent iPhone XR seems more logical. Not to mention that the iPhone X is no longer produced by Apple, leaving the way open to resellers. Resellers at attractive rates but whose products may not have a good warranty.

Level features, the iPhone XR embeds an LCD against an OLED slab for the iPhone X. The latter could win this round but a Washington Post reporter recently proved the good autonomy of the first city with its technology of screen! On the other hand, the iPhone XR does not have a dual sensor unlike its big brother, you have to judge the usefulness, but still offers 3D facial recognition. Apple, which has been overtaken by Huawei in terms of sales, seems to want to direct buyers to its newborn. If you want our opinion, the iPhone XR seems a better choice than the iPhone X, definitely!

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