Apple activates dual SIM on iPhone XS and XR

While the Apple was lagging behind the competition in terms of SIM cards, the update of iOS 12.1 launched on Tuesday will finally allow recent iPhone to support two SIM cards simultaneously.

More and more popular with the public, especially in China, the dual SIM will finally enter the Apple universe. A feature that appeals to those who want to combine on the same phone two numbers, one professional, the other private, for example.

To enjoy on a device headed, it will however have one of the latest phones launched by Apple on the market. Indeed, only the privileged iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr will benefit from the function.

Expected September 12 alongside the two flagship brand, the function has however fallen behind and is finally launched on Tuesday among the other new products that come with iOS 12.1.

No operator side infrastructure

A delay not so disturbing for the option finally since the Belgian users will still have to be patient or tireless. Why? Simply because in practice the dual SIM is unusable on Belgian soil as well as in many other countries.

In reality, the dual SIM has nothing physical, it is the activation of a dematerialized eSIM parallel to a conventional card that allows to use two. However, to date, very few operators around the world offer the possibility of using an eSIM card.

By mid-September, only sixteen operators in nine countries were able to offer such a service. Belgium is not included in this list in the same way as France. Our neighbors are at least more advanced in this regard since Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom are planning the launch of virtual SIM cards soon. Radio silence on the subject from the side of the Belgian operators.

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